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At Popeyes we are committed not only to portraying diversity in our advertising and media, but most importantly, to walking the talk and having a diverse team of people creating our content every day. This starts with our own Popeyes brand marketing team and extends to our agencies, social influencers, and our creative production teams.

We believe that transparency is the first step towards accountability.  So we are publishing our first Popeyes US D&I in Marketing Scorecard, where we look at the diversity of the whole creative process, end-to-end.  We are breaking down the simple methodology of our starting scorecard to help other brands in the industry share their starting scores.  We recognize this is not perfect, so we invite our colleagues to give us feedback and help us evolve this process over time.  Finally, we are proud to release new shared brand and agency mandates to help increase diversity on our teams... from the inside out.



At Popeyes, diversity of people is part of who we are and where we come from: New Orleans, Louisiana.

Our vision is to become the most loved restaurant brand in the world.  To achieve this vision, we must strive to better reflect the diverse makeup of the millions of guests that love and support our brand, both in the work as well as the people who create our content.

New Orleans
Our starting


Popeyes US 2020

We acknowledge our own lack of diversity and our commitment to be better, more diverse, and more inclusive. So today, we want to share our starting point.

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Our Findings

Through this exercise we are able to focus on key areas of opportunity for Popeyes.

Our findings

Advertising production

When comparing vs. our guests, production crew diversity has some of the largest disparities that we see in any marketing pillar, especially in female and Black/African-American representation. Additionally, there is little to no Asian representation on our production teams, highlighting the need for ethnic diversity in all aspects of our advertising production processes, to further career progress for diverse talent.

Agency partners

Our agency teams demonstrate the highest gender diversity of any pillar, but continue to lack in racial and ethnic diversity amongst Black/African-Americans.

Internal Popeyes marketing team

While our total team employee base is more diverse than leadership, both score lower in females and Black/African-Americans vs. our share of guest visits. Increasing Black/African-American and female representation at the leadership level (Director +) will be a clear area of focus for us.

Our ads

The diversity in our ads more closely resembles the diversity of our guests. Our casting is more representative of Black/African-American and Asian communities vs. our guest composition. However, we can do a better job of better representing Hispanic consumers and women in our advertising.

Our media

Similar to casting, our media delivery share closely mirrors our guest diversity representation. The largest disparities we see are among Hispanic and Asian consumers.

Learn more about the methodology here.

Download the scorecard template and instructions

Our Mandates

We believe our work should reflect our consumers, not just on screen, but also behind the scenes – because diversity drives innovation.  When talent that’s as diverse as our consumers creates our marketing, our output is naturally diverse.  It’s more innovative, disruptive and creative, it connects better with our consumers, and it sells more effectively to them. So, Popeyes and our agencies are committed to the following mandates:



Share an annual scorecard with the diversity of our advertising casting, media plans, influencers, and, importantly, its creators and producers: the corporate marketing, agencies and production teams.



Have at least 50% diverse talent, if not more, in the final round of interviews for all open corporate positions at Popeyes.



Have at least 50% of ethnically diverse and/or female candidates, if not more, among directors, editors and photographers bidding for every campaign.



Champion diverse talent for all creative functions, starting with the creation of an ongoing food stylist training and development program, in collaboration with The One Club for Creativity.


Media Alignment

Align media buying to better mirror diversity of guest demographics, ensuring communication reaches the right audiences.


Minority-owned media

Commit to track and increase Popeyes minority-owned media spend, as informed by Our Findings, to support and help fuel their growth.